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What is Creativeness Fest Nepal (CFN)? /


Calling on Nepali’s ready to create a life and Nepal you love and make a difference in your community.

We invite youths, future leaders, innovators, teachers, dreamers, action takers, businesses, community leaders, trendsetters and anyone who wants to live a meaningful life and bring in the Change Nepal so urgently needs. Together we can make Nepal the place we love to live in. Join us in 3-day Creativeness Festival from 15 to 17 April 2016 in Tanglewood Creative Space.

Creativeness Festival is a 3 days first of a kind, event to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal, where we will revisit the forgotten ancient wisdom, and we’ll infuse it with modern discoveries in science, culture, biology, cosmology, metaphysics, psychology – pioneering ideas so as to stimulate in you powerful new ways of being and doing in your life. The Creativeness Festival moves beyond the boundaries of traditional business and motivational events, it brings together storytellers, dreamers, artists, mindfulness ninjas, coaches, super successful entrepreneurs, shamans, and inspirational leaders and workshops to inspire companies and individuals to board on a voyage of personal inner discovery and external impact. The event intends to present a series of interactive, themed workshops and engaging sessions, where magic is bound to happen for example “Become a painter in few hours” or, “formula for a successful life” and speaker close-up’s, which will offer participants with opportunities to personally interact with speakers.

In the first 2 days you will learn about yourself, you will dig deeper into who you really are, your desires and dreams, how do you want to live your life, you will get these insights through practical skills, techniques, exercises, playing and theories.

Third day is dedicated to the concept of Give and Receive. We want you to transfer the knowledge received in the Creativeness Festival to give back to others within your family and community. Therefore, in the last day you will design and walk away with a step by step strategic recipe for success arising from the past two days of aspiration. Join us, along with the outstanding life coaches, to create a vision of Nepal filled with infinite possibilities so you can share it with others and empower them.

It’s time to rise up to a new awakening. A new tomorrow. A new Nepal.

The Creativeness Festival wants to add wings to the heart of Nepalese people and guide you to awaken to your potentiality, expand your awareness and mind-set to create the life you love and a Nepal all Nepalese wants to live. Now, imagine, even if half of the 27.8 million Nepalese people would believe this, what would happen to Nepalese and Nepal? The Creativeness Festival believes this is possible.

We want to bring in national and international experts from various fields such as personal development, technology, agriculture, science, tourism, entrepreneurs, businesses etc. come to Nepal every year to share the knowledge with the people of Nepal, to learn from the best without having to leave Nepal, spend massive amount of money for education, growth and development so together people can create this reality.

It is our intention to foster a culture of self-sustainability, empowerment and generate income raising businesses, ideas and collaborations by understanding the science behind. There is a formula to success which no one teaches us at school! So, we aim to acquaint you to this formula, to the power inherent within you, to be the change within yourself, success is inherent. We strive to empower you to achieve your deepest dreams, to find the courage to explore new solutions for pressing personal and professional challenges, to cultivate a mind-set and personal ethics so grounded that will automatically generate social value, and to establish yourself in leadership roles.

Age between 18-39 years, may be students, writers, computer programmers, business owners, community leaders, fund raisers, government bureaucrats, teachers, social service professionals, anyone interested to talk less and do more in their lives and for Nepal.

Some of the things you can expect to learn and experience are;

  • Unimaginable life changing experiences
  • Unconditional love
  • Drawn to take inspired action
  • Disruption to your daily life
  • Motivated to go beyond your potential
  • Secret to living a meaningful life
  • Be mindful and silent your busy mind
  • Get things done, be productive
  • Overcome your lack of direction and overwhelm
  • Except a completely new you in every aspect at the end of the 3 days

TanglewoodAppartment, Kathmandu Nepal

From nowhere, it was a BIG BANG pop up in my (Deepanjali Sapkota) consciousness. A strong feeling,bigger than mind, a certitude installed and came a simple dream to go back home and live in aSoulful, peaceful Nepal, to bring back humanity, spirituality, and heart into our daily lives.

Then came Awesomeness festival which boulversed my life. I transformed, realized my potential to be more and do more for humanity, to shine and be there for a purpose. Whitney Freya, came into my life with her paintings and slashed the name Creativeness Festival Nepal 2016. My soul sister who brought in more like minded people who support me and are pouring their heart out to come to Nepal, connect heart to heart with the people of Nepal, share their knowledge, skills, and passionsand transform lives through love. They too desire to bring the soul’s message that everything is possible only criteria is You believe it.

Deepanjali Sapkota, is a Nepali woman on a mission to spread her grandmother’s wisdom. She truly believes in her Soul purpose. Her intention for this festival is to vibrate Kathmandu with unconditional love, the energy so powerful that it will pierce our hearts and bring us together.

Whitney Freya, founder of The Creatively Fit Program. She is an incredible light pulling out your creativity on a canvas.

Thru 29 Feb thru 10 April
Youths 16-21 Rs. 500 Rs. 1500
Rest of the Nepalese Rs.4000 Rs. 5,000
Non Nepalese Rs.5,000 Rs. 6,000
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Event Schedule / like no other...

April 15


Event Registration/Coffee


Opening Ceremony (Yagya, batti)

9.45am -10.00am


10.00am- 01.00pm

Session 1 Dive In




Session 2 Workshop

03.30pm -04.00pm



Session 3 Master Classes



April 16


Session 3 Leadership



10.30am- 01.30pm

The Untapped Power of Dreaming




Talk JAM – Women Disrupters

03.30pm -04.00pm



April 17


Art Bath



11.15am- 13.00am

Vision for You For Nepal




Vision for You For Nepal Cont.

04.00pm -04.30pm




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Opening Ceremony

Session & Workshops


Session & Workshops

closing ceremony

Cocktail & Party

Event Speakers /

Nripal Adhikary is one such innovative architect, designer and painter who

Anjali Roka is a Marketing professional working as a Digital Analyst

Ajaya Regmi is a Life Coach who helps individuals to achieve

Rohit Bagaria is an entrepreneur and Founder & CVO of

Founder of Glow at work, a business Psychology consultancy, empowering people

Jade Osborne, Artist | Activist | Activator, is a non-profit arts

Mr. Bikrant Shrestha, MD of Silence Entertainment elucidates that being a

Pat Divilly is a best selling author, speaker and entrepreneur from

Whitney Freya has been facilitating creative learning since 1996 when she

Deepanjali transforms people’s lives and is a catalyst for deep wisdom.


Wake up and Act

Yes you will wake up from on auto pilot living, to the fact that you are extraordinary, you were born for a reason, to a life of meaningful possibilities. You will wake up to commit and act at the highest personal ethics and moral principles, exhibiting authentic, honest, just, and virtuous behavior. Together as a group, you will also wake and act upon the solutions to the problems that exists in Nepal – each drop of belief in this is bound to create a result.

Stimulate your senses

Expand your mind, your business and your horizons through exposure to other perspectives. You will learnt to activate your senses – touch, taste, see, hear, smell as well as act out, a situation in which you will realize and achieve your purpose and intention. This is incredible as we were not taught this is school or at home.

Give and Receive

Give and receive is a natural flow of energy. Learn how we constantly give and how we get stingy to receive. This concept will enlighten your power to receive and gain clarity on how unconsciously we block things from coming to us. As much as the event organizers are giving they will be receiving by each one of you saying YES to the event. You will also get the opportunity to give back to Nepal in many different ways.

Stir Up Your Soul

Once you wake up, your soul’s calling will be heard. Let the fresh ideas, success tips, rethinking the status quo, simplicity, and doing things differently arouse your excitement, enthusiasm uplift your soul and leave ready to tackle your own business and life challenges in creative and innovative ways.

Oodles of Fun

No event is successful if people are not having fun, so we take fun seriously and it is guaranteed. We will even show you how to have fun in the absence of alcohol and cigarettes, yes it is possible! Enjoy music, art, dance, food, film screening and interactions and simply being a child for the three days.

Make real human connections

The event is designed to connect you with people genuinely, heart to heart, soul to soul and push you to be the real you. Throughout the event you will peel off the masks you put daily leaving you to see the genuine you. Then you start to really understand what it is like to have real connections to human, so sweet that you will want to expand this in your surroundings. Here you will is a place to meet with ordinary people making extraordinary impacts in our society to build a Nepal that can stand on it’s own.


Albert Einstein said is beautifully “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result”. As human beings there is no get away from evolution – we are here to know who we really are, this is the first job we have to fulfil the rest is bonus. You will get insights to your own soul that you were probably not aware of, you will be thrilled and interested in yourselves, invest in learning about life, being curious about what life is, educate ourselve, love and respect yourself.

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